What You’ll Need In New York To Be Eligible For Workers’ Compensation

Worker’s compensation benefits tens of thousands of individuals and employers in New York each year who are injured on the job. The state-issued weekly stipend is intended to make it simpler for injured employees to pay for medical treatment that they require due to their injury. Navigating the complexities of the worker’s compensation system in New York, on the other hand, is anything from straightforward.

If you have been hurt at work and is considering filing a worker’s compensation claim, first, it’s crucial to understand the procedure. Learn all you need to know about worker’s compensation and how to get the most out of your benefits by reading this article.

Worker’s Compensation In New York: A Step-By-Step Guide:

Tell your supervisor or management about the accident as soon as feasible after you’ve been hurt. Check with the New York Workers Compensation Board to see if your medical insurance provider is approved. Call 1-800-781-2362 if you’re not sure if your supplier is permitted.

Your employer is responsible for notifying the New York Workers Compensation Board, or WCB, of the illness or injury. They’ll also have to tell your company’s worker’s compensation insurance insurer. The statute of limitations for getting worker’s compensation in New York is two years, so you’ll have precisely 24 months after your accident to make your claim. These deadlines were set to prevent the waste of workers’ compensation funds. 

Complete and submit Form C-3. It is your official worker’s compensation claim form. You must submit this with the WCB within two years of the accident or the date on which a medical condition resulting from an occupational hazard began. It’s also critical that you complete the documents accurately since errors might jeopardize or prevent you from receiving fair compensation.

If you’ve just been injured at work and want to file a worker’s compensation claim, call a worker’s compensation attorney for a free consultation. Hiring professional attorneys with experience and foresight in the industry, such as Fusco, Bradenstein & Rada, P.C, can assist you in filling out your form in a way that reduces the possibility of errors and assures you earn the maximum amount for which you qualify.