What To Do If You’ve Been Attacked By A Dog: Steps To Take

Dog bite wounds can be life-threatening. Even slight injuries, however, can lead to severe infections and lifelong scars. Whether the damage is large or small, you should get medical attention from a competent specialist to ensure it is cleansed correctly and stitched up if required. 

Dog bite wounds can allow deadly staphylococcus bacteria to enter the injury and produce a staph infection, in addition to allowing infection from the germs in the bite. If not handled appropriately, they can be harmful, even fatal. Dogs can also carry rabies and spread it. Following are the actions you should take following a dog attack:

Stick To Your Doctor’s Wound-Cleaning Instructions.

As infections are frequent in dog bite wounds, you should regularly change the bandaging around the damage and practice adequate wound care. To avoid infection, you must also take the medicines strictly as advised. Make careful to follow the instructions for cleaning, wound care, and healing monitoring.

Notify Your Animal Services Agency Of The Incident:

In most situations, you should report the occurrence to the local municipal or county animal control agency. It is critical to do this task. You must identify and submit the phone number to your local animal control department. After that, animal control will investigate to ensure that the animal is rabies-vaccinated, appropriately secured, and recognized. They’ll compile a report that identifies the dog’s rightful owner.

Locate Eyewitnesses:

If someone informs you that this dog has bitten previously, those persons are crucial witnesses, and you must show that the owner was aware of the dog’s dangerous tendencies beforehand. Get their contact information as well.

Keep A Record Of The Bite Wound:

Photographs recording the injuries from the beginning to the finish of the healing process help demonstrate the degree of your injuries. With a mobile phone or whatever you have on hand, take images early and often.

All lawyers do not handle dog assaults. Before speaking with the dog owner or their insurance representatives, you should get legal guidance from a company like DeMayo Law Offices, L.L.P, which is familiar with the Bite Rule and the concerns it raises. To establish your case, your lawyer may need to gather statements and review earlier bite reports.