The Most Dangerous Cities for Drivers & How to Safeguard Your Rights

It’s no secret that driving in the United States can be an absolute nightmare. Several different factors make it dangerous for drivers, including traffic and road conditions. For those who live in large cities with heavy traffic, especially in places like Seattle, you’re going to want to pay attention to this blog post. It discusses some of the most dangerous cities for driving and how you can safeguard your rights when someone crashes into your vehicle.

1) Seattle

Seattle is the most dangerous city for drivers because of its high number of car accidents. In 2016, Seattle had a total of 1298 collisions with injuries and 124 fatalities from those accidents. These numbers have touched all new heights in the last five years. So if you live in this area or plan to visit it any time soon, make sure you take care while driving so that your safety isn’t at risk.

2) Dallas

The second most dangerous city for drivers is Dallas, with 1184 accidents and 145 fatalities. This number has also steadily risen in the last five years while the traffic population increased by 63%. So if you plan to visit or live here, be prepared not only for long lines of traffic but also for a high risk of car accidents.

3) Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge rounds off the top three dangerous cities for drivers. With 17,432 car wrecks in 2018, this city had a high number of accidents with injuries ( 8,571) and fatalities (59). In addition to these numbers, by comparison, Baton Rouge has seen an increase in traffic population over the last three years that is higher than most other places.

What To Do If You Meet With An Accident?

If you ever meet with an accident, it’s essential to always be prepared. You need to know how the law protects drivers in your area so that you can safeguard your rights and get compensated if someone crashes into you or injures a member of your family. 

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