Myths About Trucking Accidents That You Must Know

When you’ve been in a truck accident, you’ll need correct information to safeguard your legal rights and make sure you get everything you’re owed in your settlement. Unfortunately, many myths regarding truck accidents are believed by victims, often to their damage. Some frequent truck accident misconceptions are debunked here.

The Insurance Company Will Tell You The Truth:

Because your injuries are likely to be severe, your claim will be worth more. To refuse or contest your claim, the insurance company may battle harder and for a more extended period.

Trucking Companies Must Follow The Same Traffic Laws As Car Drivers:

Although truckers must observe the same fundamental traffic laws as passenger car drivers, they are also subject to additional regulations. A truck’s listed speed limit, for example, maybe lower than a car’s. Due to weight limits or low overpasses, trucks may be forbidden on some roadways.

Truck drivers and trucking businesses must also adhere to several stringent federal requirements enforced by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Truck Drivers Are Just As Vulnerable To Serious Injuries As Other Victims:

Because a much smaller car is less protected than an 80,000-pound semi-truck, this is the case. The most common injuries victims suffer are paralysis, crushed and shattered bones, various types of traumatic brain injuries, and internal organ damage due to burns.

Truck Drivers Are Rarely Found To Be At Fault:

The truck driver and trucking company irresponsibility are frequently to blame for fatal, often avoidable accidents. Distracted driving, drunkenness, speeding, sleepy driving, and other types of driver faults are all possible. Trucking businesses can be held vicariously responsible in Virginia for the carelessness of their truck drivers. You may also have a separate claim against the trucking firm for improper employment, lack of upkeep, and other allegations of negligence.

When Filing A Truck Accident Claim, You Can Take Your Time:

Delaying filing a personal injury claim is never a brilliant idea. While you have two years in Georgia to initiate a personal injury claim, truck accidents are complicated and involve several parties. You risk losing out on a fair settlement if you do not retain legal counsel from experts such as Abel Law Firm early in the process. Even if your injuries are minor, get medical attention and seek the advice of an attorney.

Truck accidents are among the deadliest on our highways, and determining the difference between reality and fiction in these cases may be challenging. A single blunder in the legal procedure might result in you receiving significantly less compensation for your losses than you deserve.