Collaborative Divorce: Why It’s A Win For Everyone

What is collaborative law? In a nutshell, it’s a way to divorce without going through the court system. It’s an alternative dispute resolution process where spouses work together with their attorneys and agree on everything related to their divorce before filing any paperwork in court.

It can take anywhere from 3-6 months for a couple to reach this agreement, but once they do, they avoid having a judge decide how much child-support each spouse should pay, what percentage of property belongs to each side, and when one parent will get custody of the children.

Collaborative Divorce In Modern Times:

While couples cannot be 100% sure if a marriage would last a lifetime, they can certainly make necessary arrangements to ensure the divorce doesn’t cost them a fortune. Collaborative divorce is a perfect way to do that. It allows both parties to have a say in the entire process. It’s completely different from going to court, where one spouse is seen as an aggressor, while the other is perceived as being victimized.

Couples going for collaborative divorce are encouraged to communicate effectively with each other during this challenging period of their lives. While it requires them to be honest about their feelings and intentions, they are not required to be aggressive.

In court, there is always a winner and loser with no room for compromise or parity. Collaborative divorce, on the other hand, allows both parties an opportunity to present their case in front of independent experts who help them reach a middle ground. So while it may take longer, it’s definitely worth the wait.

The attorneys representing each party are bound by a code of ethics, which means they can’t speak badly about their clients in public or take any steps that will hamper the collaborative law process. This allows both parties to be open and honest without feeling intimidated by an aggressive attorney trying to win at all costs. So, if it’s on your mind, find a well-known collaborative divorce attorney in your area. If you are short on options, consider talking to Marshall & Taylor PLLC for a quick response.