A Guide To Car Accident Law In Texas: Everything You Must Know

After a vehicle accident in Texas, you may wonder about your rights and obligations, including your choices for holding the at-fault driver financially responsible for your damages. Here are some answers. This article discusses a few Texas statutes that might have a significant impact on your case.

In Texas, It Is Necessary To Report A Car Accident:

Texas Transportation Code mandates that the driver of any vehicle involved in an accident notify the nearest police or sheriff’s office as soon as feasible.

Limitations On Liability In Car Accidents In Texas:

A state statute of limitations sets a time restriction on when a potential plaintiff can bring a lawsuit. These deadlines differ based on the type of injury you experienced and the case you wish to submit. Who must file most automobile accident claims in Texas within two years after the event?

Comparative Negligence Rule:

Suppose the other driver was entirely to blame for your vehicle accident. In that case, the outcome is typically predictable: the other driver (through their insurance company) will pay to compensate you for your medical costs, missed earnings, and other damages. But what if you share some of the blame?

Texas employs a modified comparative fault system when more than one individual is at blame for an accident. In most automobile accident cases, the jury is expected to determine two things based on the evidence: the total cash value of the plaintiff’s losses and the proportion of respondents each party bears. The plaintiff’s damages judgment is lowered by a percentage proportional to their share of responsibility under the modified comparative fault rule.

Insurance Laws In Texas:

Any claim made following an automobile accident will almost certainly include auto insurance. To lawfully operate a motor vehicle on the state’s roads and highways, Texas, like other states, requires its owner to have a specific level of insurance coverage or otherwise demonstrate financial responsibility in the event of an accident.

Automobile accidents cost Texas drivers millions of dollars in medical bills and lost job productivity every year. You’ll need money to get back on your feet and care for your family if you’ve been wounded in a car accident. Unfortunately, if you have gone into this situation, we recommend you consult an expert like Gibson Hill.